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established 2002
established 2002

Our Services​

Production Machining, Prototype Machining, Design Assistance, And More

Providing precision machining services for small to large components is what we do best. SEL Machining offers high-quality components with exceptional attention to detail thanks to its expert team and cutting-edge machinery.


We’d be happy to discuss your upcoming project with you. Get in touch with us to receive a quote and additional information about how we may assist you.

Production Machining

SEL Machining can handle all your machining needs, from concept to production, and help you make your ideas a reality. SEL Machining has the expertise, know-how, and cutting-edge equipment to handle every job. With more than two decades of experience in precision machining, SEL Machining is committed to providing high-quality parts to our customers. Request a quick quote for your production machining requirements from SEL Machining.

Our skilled machinists operate manufacturing equipment using CNC (computer numerical control). This entails creating tool paths depending on the geometry of the finished product, which is created using a CAD (Computer-Aided Design) model. We can guarantee that capacities are adaptable according to the project by using CNC for our production machining.

Our CNC machines can cut practically any metal alloy, plastic, or other composite material, as they are built for accuracy and precision. This makes CNC production machining and milling the perfect choice for many companies that need to create identical parts in large quantities.

Prototype Machining

SEL Machining is the go-to business for quick prototyping in a range of sectors because we can make even the most complicated concepts a reality! With our team of qualified professionals at your disposal, you’ll receive support, assistance, and expertise in the development of your product.

We at SEL Machining take great pride in being able to provide our customers with highly accurate prototypes. This is largely facilitated by the huge factory floor, which houses a variety of equipment, including lathes and mills. Our experts will monitor the design, fabrication, and programming phases up until the point at which your criteria are met. This will ensure that every step of the product development process goes off without a hitch.

As a manufacturer, we understand how critical it is to get a finished prototype into production as quickly as possible so that consumers can use it. Our prototyping services range from simple to extremely complex, depending on your needs. If you are satisfied with the final design, we can quickly and efficiently get it into production.

Design Assistance

Our staff has extensive experience with Solidworks, Fusion, and FeatureCAM. We can assist you in developing the designs you require for your precision parts.

We at SEL Machining can provide all the machining services you need. Our experts can assist you in designing the precision parts you need, regardless of your project type. Our company provides design assistance to individuals who require it and is proficient in several software packages, including Solidworks, Fusion, and FeatureCAM.
Our team will work with you to develop the required design, and we’ll ensure they’re flawless before moving them into production.

We may also arrange consultations if you need clarification on your requirements. To better understand your needs, recommend the best course of action, and help you get started, we’ll sit down with you and discuss your project


Other Services

Although our main services are Production Machining, Prototype Machining, Design Assistance, we may be able to help you with other projects. Please get in touch with us to find out.

At SEL Machining, we pride ourselves on being easy to work with and always willing to help in any way possible. Our core competencies included highly precision parts both small and large. We’ll work with you to make sure the end product truly meets your needs.

Our team works with a variety of materials such as: Stainless steel, Tool Steel, Aluminum, Plastics.